American Wind Energy is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. More than any other alternative energy supply, Wind Power is helping the United States to achieve a balanced energy mix. The U.S. has called for 20% of the U.S. energy production to come from alternative sources by 2020. With alternative energy becoming the future, the push for Wind Energy provides the opportunity for investors to put their money into green energy and see potential healthy returns relatively quickly. As consumer demand shifts and technological capabilities emerge, alternative and renewable energy sources are increasingly supplementing fossil fuels. WHEELHOUSE has positioned ourselves to provide our customers with the expertise and leadership needed to capitalize on the emerging sustainable energy market. Energy solutions for the future will increasingly depend on the use of renewable energy resources.

The WHEELHOUSE team has extensive Wind Farm and Electric Transmission experience ensuring our customers receive the quality Land & Field Services their project deserves. WHEELHOUSE can provide oversight and project development to all the various facets of Wind Farm design. This may include the labor intensive process of acquiring the proper regulatory paperwork, monitoring project status, and managing stake holder’s expectations while delivering unencumbered Right of Ways, easement and lease agreements. WHEELHOUSE can also provide other elements of project design such as Locative Design, Survey Assistance, Title Search, DOT Crossings and Transmission Lines. WHEELHOUSE understands the challenges our customers are facing and the importance of having an experienced partner to ensure a successful project.

Some of the Services we provide for Wind Farm Projects include:

  • Site Selections
  • Right of Way Line Determinations
  • Right of Entries
  • Appraisals
  • Title Search
  • Due Diligence and Title Curative Work
  • Site Acquisitions
  • Closings
  • Project Management
  • Contract Negotiators
  • Right of Way Acquisitions
  • Fee Simple Acquisitions
  • Lease Acquisitions
  • Construction Coordination
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Damage, Restoration and Reclamation Settlements