WHEELHOUSE can provide our customers with assistance researching, acquiring and developing new Site Selections for their project developments. Additionally, the WHEELHOUSE leadership team has established an extensive network of Energy and Highways/Public Works professionals as well as groups of property owners with whom we communicate with on a regular basis to discuss multiple industry related topics. WHEELHOUSE will gladly provide introductions to our customers to develop relationships for potential Site Selections.

Right of way Line Determinations

The very nature of an Energy or Public Service Project requires a line or path between two locations to transport electricity, oil, gas, water, communications lines or roads. These corridors affect many parcels of land with each having differing degrees of difficulties or potential problems which may affect constructing the project. Each parcel of land has its own set of physical attributes as well as Local, State and Federal regulations that will have to be considered. Although engineering firms usually produce the first set of blue prints or line location, WHEELHOUSE agents work closely with our customers, engineering firms and property owners to help identify future areas of concern. WHEELHOUSE agents can interpret aerial photographs, topographical maps and plats, but by walking the proposed Right of Way route WHEELHOUSE agents get a firsthand view of the terrain and can recognize potential problems with environmental, archeological, property owner’s personal property, relocation needs and specific physical features of the properties that many times will not be identified by only map interpretations.  Identifying these potential concerns early will ensure the proposed Right of Way route is within our customers projected budget and project completion timeline.

Right of Entries

After the proposed Right of Way line has been determined and proper ownership is established, WHEELHOUSE agents can meet with property owners to discuss further overview of the project and request permission to access their land to begin any and all preliminary project inspections. WHEELHOUSE agents then gain the agreed upon access to these properties by obtaining a Temporary Access or Right of Entry Agreement to be signed by the property owners allowing project personnel to enter the properties to perform all needed studies.


WHEELHOUSE provides certified Appraisers to determine Fair Market Value for properties in project areas. Appraisals consist of a compilation of recent comparable sales information of similar properties in the same geologic area. Appraisals will contain the formula of income approach, replacement cost and comparable sales data. WHEELHOUSE Appraisers may also notify our customers of other related conditions that affect the market as well as possible environmental or archeological concerns. Whenever needed, third party review Appraisers can be assigned to review the appraisal report to ensure all appropriate requirements, consistency, methodology and techniques were used in arriving at Fair Market Value.

Title Search

Obtaining proper and correct Title work is one of the most important elements of Energy, Land, and Right of Way acquisition. Title examination is needed to extract crucial information to the projects such as current ownership, legal descriptions, ingress and egress, existing easements and/or Right of Way agreements, encumbrances, Title clouds, and assignability of the properties. WHEELHOUSE agents can analyze each document line by line, county by county, extracting information from each document to complete comprehensive Title reports and run sheets.

Due Diligence and Title Curative Work

A Due Diligence examination performed by WHEELHOUSE agents will include a study of all elements needed to create un-obstructed project development. Research is often needed for corporate mergers, exchanges, divestitures and various other energy projects as well. The key to proper conveyance of landowner’s properties is having a clear transferrable Title. WHEELHOUSE agents will create a chain of Title identifying the history of how ownership changed from previous owners to the current parties if interest.  If the chain of Title shows missing links, liens, tax assessments or other conditions to the title, the Title is considered to be clouded. At this point, WHEELHOUSE agents address the clouds and suggest Curative actions to free the Title. Once Curative actions are obtained, they will be filed of record at the County Courthouse in which the properties reside.

Site Acquisitions

WHEELHOUSE furnishes specialized Land & Field Services related to additional areas of project activities. Each Industry has needs specific to its construction, maintenance and productivity of its projects. WHEELHOUSE agents can coordinate and/or assist other entities to acquire specific Sites needed for projects.  Sites and related facilities required by our customers may include:

  • Meteorological Tower Sites
  • Construction Laydown Yards
  • Microwave Sites and Stations
  • Plant Sites
  • Valve Sites
  • Power Station Sites
  • Meter Sites
  • Compressor Stations
  • Repeater Stations
  • Switching Stations
  • Substation Sites
  • Telecommunications Facilities


WHEELHOUSE provides Licensed Real Estate agents to complete any portion or the entire Closing process for Fee Simple purchases. This can involve obtaining necessary partial releases and curative documents, examining mortgages, probates, tax liens, tax records and ownership splits even after the date of Title Commitment. WHEELHOUSE agents can negotiate and finalize these purchases as well as attend Closings ensuring timely, smooth transactions for our customers.


Relocations become necessary when physical structures encumber Land or Right of Ways required for a private or public sector projects. WHEELHOUSE agents can provide assistance for these acquisitions including advisory services and individual contacts to determine the needs and preferences of the displaced persons and businesses.  WHEELHOUSE agents can oversee the entire process including contact documentation, inspections, appraisals, Relocation cost calculations, condemnation support, compensation offers and Relocation assistance to the landowners, businesses or utility owned properties.

Project Management

WHEELHOUSE Project Managers support all personnel and entities involved with our customer’s projects maintaining real time communication and project status. WHEELHOUSE Project Managers can provide record keeping, documentation, scheduling, weekly summaries, status reports and quality control ensuring project budgets and timeline schedules are achieved. WHEELHOUSE Project Managers provide Land & Field Services for Energy and Highways/Public Works sector projects nationwide and have the accomplished experience to manage every aspect of our customer’s projects from conception all the way to the market place.

Contract Negotiators

WHEELHOUSE Contract Negotiators have years of Contract Negotiation experience in the Energy and Highways/Public Works sectors. Contracts are sometimes numerous and can include various types of easements. WHEELHOUSE Contract Negotiators are carefully matched to our customer’s project requirements and they strive to educate property owners regarding mutually beneficial contracts versus the possible long and burdensome actions of going through the eminent domain process. WHEELHOUSE Contract Negotiators can resolve any contract concerns and reach mutually acceptable terms which are then executed into agreements by all parties involved.

Right of way Acquisitions

Typically acquired as an easement, a Right of Way is identified as "the legal right, established by usage or grant, to pass along a specific route through grounds or property belonging to another", or "a path or thoroughfare subject to such a right".  WHEELHOUSE agents will negotiate a satisfactory settlement for Right of Ways based upon the best interest of the client and landowner. WHEELHOUSE agents can work within the guidelines, limitations and expectations our customers set forth.

Fee Simple Acquisitions

Energy and Highways/Public Works project developments sometimes require Fee Simple Acquisitions, differing from other easements and agreements in that the property is actually purchased instead of leased.   Many of the WHEELHOUSE agents maintain Real Estate Licenses required for Fee Simple Acquisitions. 

Lease Acquisitions

The entire WHEELHOUSE team believes that “communication is key” to every aspect of successful project development. Executing signed Lease Agreements is demanding work and in some cases requires a great deal of interface and rapport building with the property owners within the projects. WHEELHOUSE agents are highly adaptable and can adjust to accommodate the property owner’s schedules no matter the time or day of the week to discuss any issue with the property owner and/or explain the Lease Agreement in detail as defined by our customers.

Construction Coordination

A Construction Coordinator acts as a liaison between the property owners and the construction contractors, subcontractors, surveyors and cleanup crews during the construction phase of the project. WHEELHOUSE recommends using existing project agents whenever possible as they have already established relationships with the property owners, creating a smooth transition into the construction phase. WHEELHOUSE Construction Coordination agents prove invaluable as many unexpected issues arise where negotiations must continue with property owners to reach project completion.

Conflict resolution

The WHEELHOUSE leadership team are experts in complex negotiations and volatile environments. WHEELHOUSE can provide Conflict Resolution to any area of our customers projects that remains unresolved and/or has come to an impasse with property owners. WHEELHOUSE will reestablish balance within existing agreements between all entities involved, maintaining project construction budgets and deadlines while striving to remain good stewards of the land.

Damage, Restoration and Reclamation Settlements

The sheer size of Energy and Highways/Public Works projects will inevitably cause inconvenience, cost, and physical damage to the interest of the property owners. WHEELHOUSE agents will investigate all claims and consult with our customers to establish fair and honest Damage, Restoration and/or Reclamation Settlements for damages to physical structures, loss of crop production, loss of agricultural use for livestock, etc. WHEELHOUSE agents can process the necessary documents, settle the claims with payments to the property owners, and obtain final release signatures.