The Electric grid is probably the most important element to the infrastructure of our nation. With the electrical needs of a growing population and the aging infrastructure problems of the existing national and regional grids there is a crucial need for new, expanded and extended Electrical Transmission Lines. The rise in consumption of electricity and the demand for renewable energy by the Department of Energy has extended funding and increased the development of transmitting and distributing electricity. In 2011, the Electrical Industry took a positive turn for the better. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission introduced FERC Order 1000, which allows for electric projects to be planned and developed in a more streamlined manner, without the risk of delay.

The WHEELHOUSE team has many years of accomplished experience in both the private and public sectors of Transmission Line development and has been involved in planning and implementing important electrical utility projects across the nation. Our proven track record shows WHEELHOUSE has successfully lead both large and small projects from conception to the market place or any phase in between. The WHEELHOUSE team are experts in evaluating and dealing with sophisticated landowners, complicated negotiations, attorneys, various agencies, and the endless variety of unique situations that have to be overcome during the course of a project. WHEELHOUSE believes one of the key elements to our success is the ability to anticipate, identify and avoid potential problems before they occur ensuring successful projects completed within projected timelines and budgets.

Some of the Services we provide for Electric Transmission Projects include:

  • Site Selections
  • Right of Way Line Determinations
  • Right of Entries
  • Appraisals
  • Title Search
  • Due Diligence and Title Curative Work
  • Site Acquisitions
  • Closings
  • Project Management
  • Contract Negotiators
  • Right of Way Acquisitions
  • Fee Simple Acquisitions
  • Lease Acquisitions
  • Construction Coordination
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Damage, Restoration and Reclamation Settlements